RSV Vaccine must be fast-tracked

08 December 2023

Labour’s health spokesperson Deputy Duncan Smith, has called on the HSE to fast track the RSV vaccine for next winter, this comes amid record levels of a common respiratory illness that particularly affects babies is putting children’s hospitals under unprecedented pressure.

Deputy Smith said:
“In response to the alarming surge of respiratory virus cases inundating children’s hospitals nationwide need to fast track the RSV vaccine for next winter. Ireland has a poor record of bringing vaccines and medicines to patients compared to our European counterparts.”

“Children’s hospitals across the country have sounded the alarm, reporting an overwhelming inundation of young patients grappling with respiratory viruses. This surge has placed an intolerable strain on healthcare staff, facilities, leading to the cancellation of essential scheduled procedures and surgeries. The repercussions of these cancellations are dire, resulting in extended waiting times for crucial medical interventions.

“Furthermore, we implore the HSE to allocate additional resources towards bolstering paediatric ICU capacities to prevent the distressing cycle of cancelled scheduled operations and prolonged waiting times for our children in need of critical care.”

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