Retirement age 60 for new Garda recruits who join aged 50

16 January 2024

Labour’s Justice Spokesperson Aodhán Ó Riordáin TD was speaking following Government’s decision yesterday to raise the recruitment age of new Gardaí to 50, at a time when the retirement age for Gardaí remains at 60.

Deputy Ó Riordáin said:
“This decision showcases a lack of understanding of the recruitment and retention issue. Particularly when the retirement age remains at 60.

“And we know Government still hasn’t solved the Garda pension problem. No senior garda applied for the post of deputy commissioner recently, a fact gardaí attributed to the tax implications of continuing to work and accrue pension rights. Government are distracting with tokenistic press releases, as opposed to addressing the problems.

“The policy is ill-thought through, it would make no sense for someone to join the Gardaí aged 50, to be forced to retire aged 60. And is there a plan for them once they retire? Is the Minister expecting retired Gardaí to sign on to social welfare until they can reach pension age?

“This decision by Government is a stark reminder that the issue of Garda recruitment and retention cannot be addressed through superficial PR attempts. It requires a genuine commitment to tackling the root of the problem. We need a strategic, long-term plan that ensures the safety of our communities.

“Government’s approach seems more like a public relations manoeuvre than a serious effort to strengthen An Garda Síochana. Government’s focus should be on comprehensive solutions rather than pathetic gestures. Raising the age of recruitment without a corresponding increase in resources and support is a recipe for failure.

“Lip service to the issue is no longer sufficient. We call on the government to engage in meaningful dialogue, develop comprehensive plans, and allocate the necessary resources to ensure the safety and security of our communities.”

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