Alarming 15% spike in homeless children in 2023 – Renewed Government action needed

Senator Annie Hoey image
26 January 2024

Labour’s Senator Annie Hoey was today reacting to the latest homeless figures.

Senator Hoey said:

“The latest housing figures for December 2023 lay bare the harsh impact of the ongoing housing crisis. Emergency accommodation in 13,318 individuals, with an alarming 3,962 being children. The distressing 15% increase in homeless children throughout 2023 demands immediate attention.

“Today’s figures are a stark reminder of the human cost of the housing crisis. Over 3,962 children facing homelessness is not just a statistic; it’s a damning reflection of Government failure to address this crisis head-on.

“Earlier this week the Taoiseach’s dismissal of public sector building capacity is baffling. Why hasn’t he pressed the Department of Housing for more agility in addressing the crisis? He’s been in Government for over a decade. The disconnect is alarming, and it’s time for accountability and urgent action.

“Ideology is preventing so many people from owning their own home. Government should be taking more action, not leaving it up to the market. We know the Construction Industry Federation have said they have capacity to build 60,000 homes – why aren’t we then?

“As we face these stark realities, it is no longer acceptable to merely acknowledge the crisis. The time for action is now. Labour implores Government to embrace our proposals for the construction of 100,000 homes annually. This demands a radical amplification of building efforts, a focused approach to address vacancy and dereliction, and a decisive shift away from an over reliance on the private sector.We need a renewed sense of urgency and commitment to ensure every individual, especially our vulnerable children, has a place to call home.”

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