Dublin’s progressive new transport plan is a small step in the right direction

08 February 2024

Labour’s Transport Spokesperson Duncan Smith TD has said that the new Dublin City Transport Plan, which will reform traffic flow in the heart of our capital, is only a small step forward in the fight against climate change.

“Our city centre has been bogged down by an incessant stream of through-traffic, with Dublin ranking as the second most congested city in Europe. We know that there is a high prevalence of cars that are merely driving through the city and the new Dublin City Transport Plan is a long awaited and small step in the right direction.

“What we need to see now is the delivery of a better public transport infrastructure. That means both our big projects such as Metrolink and Bus connects and our smaller projects such as something as simple as increased bus shelters.

“People in this city want to use more environmentally friendly options but they consistently face the barrier that reliable and efficient services are just not there.

“The reform of traffic flow in the city centre needs to come with a renewed commitment to implement an increased and improved public transport system as soon as possible. In this regard we can not see any further delays to Metrolink or Bus Connects.”

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