Government fails renters: Rental costs soar and crisis deepens

Ivana Bacik TD
08 February 2024

Labour Leader and Housing Spokesperson Ivana Bacik TD was today reacting to the latest Residential Tenancies Board report which shows that renters are being hit with rent hikes of more than double the legal caps in some rent pressure zones, and that new tenancies are seeing rental cost rises of more than five times the legal limits in rent pressure zones.

Deputy Bacik said:

“Today’s RTB figures confirm what many renters across Ireland already know too well: the Government is failing to address the chronic shortage of affordable accommodation. With nearly 30% of tenancies exceeding €2,000 a month, the consequences of this crisis are dire, amplifying the anguish and distress experienced by so many individuals and families.

“We in Labour believe a home is a basic right. And ensuring that people are housed is a basic duty of the State. But these figures tell us that Government has failed in this duty. This is having devastating consequences for our society: plunging people into poverty; harming their health; paralysing their ability to progress their careers or get on with their lives.

“This Government inaction has simply failed to address the housing crisis with sufficient ambition or urgency. Labour’s Renter’s Rights Bill, introduced in 2021, offers a constructive solution to the ongoing crisis. By addressing ‘no-fault’ evictions and providing greater security of tenure, our bill could offer a lifeline to renters facing uncertainty and instability in their housing situations. Government’s reliance on private development is a flawed strategy that only exacerbates the housing crisis. The policies of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in government have eroded the social contract, leaving renters vulnerable and without recourse. Labour’s vision for a fair and affordable rental sector challenges this status quo, advocating for the rights and security of renters across Ireland.

“We in Labour have a vision for a fair and affordable rental sector, where renters have rights and security. We are calling on the Government to act now and implement our Renters’ Rights Bill, which would make a real difference for those who rent in Ireland.”

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