New CCTV Powers to Tackle Illegal Dumping welcome

Senator Mark Wall
12 February 2024

Labour’s Senator Mark Wall in Kildare South welcomes the announcement granting Councils the authority to utilise CCTV to combat the pervasive issue of illegal dumping.

Senator Wall said

“The introduction of CCTV to identify and prosecute those responsible for illegal dumping is a long overdue measure. Our communities have been burdened for too long by the blight of litter and dumping black spots, which not only degrade the environment but also pose serious health and safety hazards.

“Dumpers must be held accountable for their actions.  This step aims to safeguard our communities and environment from the scourge of irresponsible waste disposal.

“The environmental and financial toll of illegal dumping cannot be understated. Not only does it mar the natural beauty of our landscapes, but it also imposes significant costs on local authorities for clean-up and remediation efforts. We know that Local Authorities are spending approximately €100 million per year cleaning up illegal dumping.

“We must ensure our councils are equipped with every available tool to effectively address this pressing issue. This includes ensuring that our local authorities have the necessary resources to tackle the scale of this problem head-on.

“My colleagues and I have been working to secure the necessary tools and resources for our local councils to effectively combat illegal dumping.”

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