Government negligence fuels housing catastrophe

Ivana Bacik TD
26 March 2024

Labour Leader and Housing Spokesperson Ivana Bacik TD was today condemning continued Government inaction, following the publication of the Daft report confirming the dire state of Ireland’s housing crisis. With the number of homes available for purchase hitting an all-time low of below 10,500 on March 1st, 2024, it’s evident that urgent intervention is essential.

Deputy Bacik said,

“The Daft report serves as a stark reminder of the government’s failure to prioritise the housing crisis. Their reliance on private development as a solution is not only flawed but exacerbates the problem, leaving countless individuals and families without access to safe, affordable housing. Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil’s policies have eroded the social contract, perpetuating an ongoing housing disaster that demands immediate and decisive action.

“Government’s feeble attempts to address the housing crisis are simply inadequate. To suggest that ‘we have turned a corner on housing’ is an insult to those for whom home ownership remains a distant dream, to those struggling paycheck to paycheck, and to those forced to seek refuge in emergency accommodation or on our streets.

“At our recent conference, Labour reiterated our call for urgent measures to address the crisis. We demand the deep retrofitting and revitalisation of 50,000 homes annually, alongside the construction of 50,000 new homes. These measures are not merely suggestions but imperative steps towards resolving the housing emergency gripping our nation.

“As Government prepares to appoint a new Taoiseach on April 9th, Labour urges the incoming leadership to prioritise the housing crisis with the urgency it demands. The time for empty promises, tinkering around the edges and half-hearted measures is over. This time for action is now.”

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