Row back on Dublin Mayor highlights Harris lack of depth

13 April 2024

Labour Councillor for the South West Inner City Darragh Moriarty has called out Simon Harris for scrapping the vote on a Dublin Mayor.

Cllr Moriarty said:

“Less than a week into office and this lightweight Taoiseach is already rowing back on commitments made just last Saturday.

“In his decision to scrap what he perceives as contentious issues, like introducing a Dublin Mayor, it shows this Taoiseach is simply not interested in difficult decisions. He is all spin and no substance.

“Committing to the introduction of a Dublin Taskforce is all well and good, but we need democratic accountability at a political level.

“Dublin is creaking at the seams. Our city has a crime crisis, a childcare crisis, a housing crisis, a climate crisis, a transport crisis. These issues demand panzer like attention and, crucially, accountability.

“Harris is already bottling the opportunity he has to reform local Government to address and resolve the issues of our times.”

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