Why are low energy consumers denied vital credits?

Senator Mark Wall
18 April 2024

Labour’s Senator Mark Wall was today condemning the oversight which has resulted in low usage electricity consumers not being entitled to the electricity credit.

Senator Wall said:

“It’s unacceptable that those who are already struggling are being penalised in this manner. In the midst of the cost of living crisis, many households are facing a dire situation.

“The emergency electricity credit, introduced by the government during the cost of living crisis, was meant to provide relief to households grappling with soaring energy prices. Obviously, it is important that vacant homes are not provided with the credit, however it makes no sense that those who are conscientious about their energy usage, often low-income families, should be punished for their efforts. This situation highlights a flaw in the implementation of the scheme.

“I’m deeply concerned that the government’s response to the crisis at hand lacks the necessary understanding of its scale and impact on ordinary citizens. We have received reports of consumers facing harassment for bills as trivial as €100. It’s unacceptable that those who are already struggling are being penalised in this manner.

“Merely introducing policies without considering their repercussions on the most vulnerable is not only short-sighted but also exacerbates the existing hardships faced by many. We urge the government to adopt a more nuanced and strategic approach, one that addresses both the rising costs of living and the urgent need to combat climate change.

“We call on Government to enable the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, which oversees the implementation of the Emergency Electricity Credit Scheme, to intervene decisively. It is imperative that measures are put in place to ensure that households with low energy thresholds are not unfairly penalised. The Commission must act swiftly to rectify this situation and restore the intended benefits to all.”

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