Govt must introduce clear road accident data

22 April 2024
  • ⁠GDPR excuse well out of date
  • Motorists must be aware of dangerous spots

Labour transport spokesperson Duncan Smith has called on the Transport Minister to publish accurate monthly data on road safety.

Deputy Smith said:

“The European Commission has urged all Member States to formally report on serious injuries on the roads, and it’s something the Labour Party has called on Government to do for some time.

“In his opening address as leader of Fine Gael, the Taoiseach committed to prioritising road safety, but we’ve yet to see any action. The Taoiseach must ensure that the road collision data is accurate and support the RSA in informing people about dangerous stretches of our roads.

“It will not be a panacea but motorists, cyclists and pedestrians should have information about where incidents are occurring on our roads.

“This measure must be coupled with funding for local councils to repair crumbling roads nationwide. Whether you’re a motorist or a cyclist, it can be very dangerous to travel on our roads with potholes.

“The quality of Irish roads has really deteriorated as a result of the bad weather and it must be addressed.

“Better road infrastructure would hopefully have an impact on tackling the enormous increase in road fatalities that this country has experience to date in 2024. Of course, it is not a panacea but it is crucial to ensuring roads are safe and actually driveable.

“Unfortunately, there is hardly a family or a community that has not been impacted by a road fatality. We must do all that we can to protect people travelling on the roads.”

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