Safe access zones step towards respect and dignity in healthcare

Senator Annie Hoey image
01 May 2024

Labour Senator and Oireachtas health committee member Annie Hoey has welcomed the passage of the Safe Access Zones bill through all stages.

Senator Hoey said:

“The passage of the Safe Access Zones legislation is a momentous occasion and will represent a step in the right direction for people who are seeking reproductive healthcare.

“Unfortunately, we have seen a huge number of awful incidents outside of maternity hospitals and GP clinics where women and pregnant people have been intimidated or verbally abused. We know that this behaviour has been intimidatory to some GPs, particularly in rural areas, who have opted not to provide abortion services as a result.

“Everyone deserves access to healthcare in a safe and non-judgemental way. The Safe Access Zones legislation will be crucial to this.

“Many gaps remain in Ireland’s abortion services. The continued necessity for Irish women to travel for abortion services underscores the urgent need for comprehensive reforms.

“Research shows numerous barriers persist, including the restrictive nature of the 12-week rule and the scarcity of healthcare providers in rural areas.

“It’s Labour’s firm belief that all healthcare should be available and delivered in a community setting, so it’s clear that action is needed from Government now to increase the regional spread of service providers.

“We hope that the passage of the Safe Access Zones legislation will make this easier.”

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