Rental crisis roars on: Government must act now

Ivana Bacik TD
02 May 2024

Labour Leader and Housing Spokesperson Ivana Bacik TD expressed deep concern following the publication of the latest Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) rent index for the final quarter of 2023. The report revealed that rents for new tenancies outside the Greater Dublin Area surged by nearly double the rate compared to Dublin. With an annual increase of over 9% across the country, renters are facing an escalating burden.

Deputy Bacik said, 

“The findings from the RTB are alarming but sadly not surprising. The sharp rise in rents, coupled with a significant drop in new tenancies, highlights the urgent need for action to address Ireland’s housing crisis.

“The Government’s failure to provide adequate housing solutions has led to a situation where renters are bearing an unsustainable cost burden. This level of financial strain is unacceptable and has dire consequences for individuals and families across the country.

“The persistent insecurity faced by renters, coupled with the chronic shortage of available accommodation, underscores the urgent need for meaningful change in housing policy. The Government must recognise the severity of the situation and take decisive action to address it.

“There are two key steps this Government must immediately take: strengthening renters’ rights and ramping up the provision of housing. Labour’s Renter’s Rights Bill, introduced in 2021, offers crucial protections against ‘no-fault’ evictions and provides greater security of tenure for renters. Additionally, challenging the developer-led approach of the current Government is essential. We know relying solely on private development will not solve our housing crisis.

“Government has a choice. They can continue down the path of leaving it to the private sector and tinkering around the edges of the crisis,  exacerbating the suffering of renters across the country. Or, they can embrace Labour’s vision for housing, implementing policies that prioritise affordability, stability, and security for all. It’s time for real leadership and tangible solutions to Ireland’s housing crisis. Labour’s vision for a fair and affordable rental sector challenges this status quo, advocating for the rights and security of renters across Ireland.”


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