Solidarity with Trinity and UCC Students protest for Gaza

Senator Annie Hoey image
07 May 2024

Labour’s Further and Higher Education Spokesperson Senator Annie Hoey has expressed solidarity with the student protest at Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork. She also welcomed the Trinity College Dublin’s moves to review their financial links with Israeli universities and that it is divesting from investments in Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Senator Hoey said:
“I stand in solidarity with the courageous students of Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork who are bravely protesting against the university’s financial investments in Israeli companies and its links to Israeli institutions. The ongoing crisis in Gaza demands urgent action, and these students are leading the charge for accountability and justice.

“The decision by Trinity College Dublin to establish a taskforce to examine its links with Israeli universities and divest from occupied Palestinian territories is a significant step forward. It reflects the growing recognition that institutions must reassess their roles in perpetuating injustices and human rights violations.

“The protests by Trinity students are not merely symbolic; they are catalysts for change. By raising their voices and demanding accountability, they are forcing institutions to confront their complicity in the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. Their activism serves as a powerful reminder that universities have a moral obligation to divest from systems of oppression and to stand on the right side of history.

“It is clear that the protests led by Trinity College Dublin students are making a difference. They are shining a spotlight on the university’s connections to Israel and its role in perpetuating the suffering of the Palestinian people. Their dedication and perseverance should be commended, and their demands for divestment and accountability must be heeded.

“As we witness the tragic events unfolding in Gaza, it is imperative that we take concrete actions to hold accountable those who are complicit in human rights abuses. Trinity College Dublin’s decision to reevaluate its links with Israeli institutions is a positive step, but it must be followed by meaningful divestment and a commitment to justice.”

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