Thalidomide survivors need justice

Ivana Bacik TD
19 May 2024
  • Time for a State apology for survivors

Labour leader Ivana Bacik has urged the Minister for Health to engage with thalidomide survivors.

Deputy Bacik said:

“Thalidomide survivors need justice. They have called for a State apology and a proper compensation package and I would urge the Minister to expedite the engagement process with survivors.

“The Government is full of soothing words but it is failing to take action.

“Last December, the Australian Government issued a state apology. Why will the Government not reignite a swift resolution process and give thalidomide survivors a date by which the process will be recommenced?

“It’s over 60 years since the withdrawal of the drug from the Irish market yet nothing has ever been done to offer redress to the approximately 40 Thalidomide survivors in Ireland. Survivors have endured years of neglect and denial. Government must make good on their words with action now.”

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