Only Labour will deliver communities that work for all

Ivana Bacik TD
20 May 2024
  • Local Election manifesto outlines Labour’s plan to bring real and sustainable positive change to our communities.
  • Our proposals for local government reform, ‘Putting Power back in Communities’, would enable Councillors to build more homes, tackle climate change, improve public transport, public safety, and deliver local childcare facilities.

Labour leader Ivana Bacik and Director of Elections Senator Mark Wall have launched Labour’s local election manifesto and ambitious plan for local government reform in Newbridge today.

The Labour Party is running 110 candidates in the June 2024 local elections across Ireland, passionate and committed activists whose election would make a real, positive difference to the areas they represent, and who will seek to implement the plans contained within ‘Communities that Work for All – Our Labour Party Local Election Manifesto 2024’.

Speaking in Kildare today, Labour leader Ivana Bacik said:

“Far too many people across Ireland today feel left behind by this Government. Every community is experiencing the impact of the Government’s failure to build homes and invest in community infrastructure.

“The local elections represent a real opportunity to vote for a different approach and to build communities that work for those who live there. Labour has detailed plans to deliver sustainable and positive change.

“Our manifesto proposes a series of policies and ideas that our Councillors, if elected, will pursue on behalf of the communities they represent. These include:

  • A relentless focus on vacant and derelict buildings to bring empty homes back into use.
  • Increased delivery of new social and affordable homes and the hiring of more apprentices and craft workers.
  • Audits of the state of our footpaths, and increased funding for the maintenance of roads, paths and cycleways
  • Improvements in public lighting, street furniture and urban design, with safer public spaces.
  • More parks, sports pitches, swimming pools and lidos, playgrounds and neighbourhood shed shares.
  • New bylaws on dog fouling, and the hiring of Community Wardens.
  • Increased planting of native trees and local plans to tackle flooding and climate change.
  • New public toilets and compensation for businesses which make toilets available to the public in urban centres.
  • Exciting new approaches such as supporting more housing co-operatives, community wealth building and sustainable energy communities.

“We also have published today, alongside our local election manifesto, a sweeping plan to reform local government in Ireland. If elected to the next government, Labour would seek to implement the policies proposed in ‘Putting Power back in Communities’. This would ensure more of the decisions that impact people are made locally, democratically, and transparently.

“We need to have communities that work for all – to build more homes, deliver safer neighbourhoods, and act on climate change. Labour wants to ensure more of our cities have directly elected Mayors, and that Councillors have more control over their budgets.

“We need fundamental reform of our planning system returning power to local authorities. Labour believes that our locally elected Councillors should have the power to build homes, tackle energy poverty, address shortages of childcare, and have more say over local policing and community healthcare plans.

“That’s why we’re asking people to vote number one for Labour candidates on June 7th to continue building communities that work for all.”

Labour Director of Elections, Senator Mark Wall said:

“Across Ireland, Labour Councillors and candidates are working hard to deliver for their communities. People tell us that they feel left behind by this Government, particularly when it comes to housing. The plans we have published today are informed by the concerns we have heard from people all across Ireland.

“Housing is the number one issue facing Irish society. It’s holding our young people back, older people and people with disabilities cannot access appropriate housing for their needs, but it’s also impacting so many working families who cannot afford to buy a home of their own.

“Government makes it out as if the housing crisis just can’t be solved right now, but we know that it can. Local government is crucial to speeding up the supply of housing nationwide.

“Labour Councillors are committed to do more to deliver homes, to tackle the scourge of vacancy and dereliction and to ensure supports for all. As those homes are built, we have to ensure that public transport, schools, creches, playing pitches and community centres are planned and provided at the same time.

“Labour Councillors have a proud track record of delivery on homes and on public amenities and that work will continue with the proposals we have published today. We also outline our plans to improve public transport, regional development, tourism, community infrastructure, arts and culture.

“It is 125 years since the first local elections in Ireland. On June 7th, we’re asking people to once again put their faith in change they can trust by voting Labour Councillors number one.”


Communities that Work for All – Labour’s Local Election Manifesto is available here.

Putting Power Back in Communities – Labour’s plan for local government reform is available here.

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