Labour calls for re-municipalisation of waste collection

Senator Mark Wall
22 May 2024
  • Labour’s Private Member Motion before the Seanad at 3.30 today

Labour’s Senator Mark Wall is calling for Government support to address the ongoing issues of waste management in the community. Labour Senators are today bringing a motion before the Seanad which aims to transform how waste is collected, recycled, and disposed of across the country.

Senator Wall said, 

“Illegal dumping and littering are persistent scourges that frustrate residents nationwide. Despite numerous efforts, the response from local authorities has been insufficient. Our communities  deserve cleaner streets and a more efficient waste management system. This is why Labour is pushing for re-municipalisation of waste collection with our Seanad Private Members Motion.

“The privatisation of waste services has led to fragmented and often inadequate service provision. Bringing waste collection back under public control will ensure a consistent and reliable service for everyone. Labour candidates are hearing it constantly when they’re knocking on doors up and down the country.

“Labour are also calling for an increase of bins and public waste disposal. By increasing the number of public bins and establishing more civic recycling centres, we can make it easier for everyone to dispose of their waste responsibly. This is a crucial step towards a cleaner, greener Ireland.

“In addition, Labour have been calling for CCTV to be installed in blackspots to deter littering and assist the detection and prosecution of littering offences. We know an estimated €100 million is spent on cleaning up illegal dumping each year by local authorities, money we can all agree could be spent in better places. We’re calling on the Minister to simplify the process and enable Local Authorities to deploy CCTV in a more efficient way.

“Government have ignored this issue for too long. It’s time to take decisive action. The re-municipalisation of waste collection will provide a unified and efficient service, address the chronic issue of illegal dumping, and enhance our community’s overall cleanliness and sustainability.

“Government must support Labour’s motion to bring these vital changes to fruition. Together, we can ensure that the entire country benefits from a robust, publicly managed waste collection service.”


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