It’s time for a fresh start for Limerick – Mayoral candidate Conor Sheehan

26 May 2024

Launching his vision for Limerick, Labour Directly Elected Mayor candidate Cllr Conor Sheehan has called for a fresh start for the city and county.

Cllr Sheehan said:

“I want to make Limerick the best place in Ireland to work, live and raise a family. Too many of my friends, neighbours and colleagues have left Ireland in recent years for the simple reason that they don’t see a future here.

“Last year over 23,000 people left Ireland primarily because of the housing crisis. That means for Limerick nearly 1,000 young people were lost to our city and county.

“As the youngest candidate running to become Mayor of Limerick, I am standing so that people like me can have a future in the place that we love.

“It’s time for a new approach, and I have a clear plan to get things done and get things done fast.

“Limerick and the Mid-West can act as a counter pull to Dublin, but in order for that to happen there are key issues that need to addressed such as the liveability of our city centre, congestion due to a lack of efficient public transport, a shortage of quality affordable housing and the neglect of Shannon Airport.

“If elected, my commitments to Limerick are:

To get homes built – 1,500 per year;

End rough sleeping and tackle addition through a dedicated task force;

Deliver a park and ride option for people living in Coonagh, Balkysimon and Castletroy and improve transport for all Limerick natives;

Create a community centre and playground at the heart of each community;

Provide safe routes to school for all children;

Increase access to culture and sports for everyone.

“The people of Limerick want a Mayor that will put community at the heart of the Mayoral programme, and that is what I’m seeking to do.

“If elected, I vow to be the Mayor for Housing because it’s this crisis that’s styming growth and progress for so many people in the city and county. I want to see Limerick to become the first city in Ireland without any vacant council homes.

“I want Limerick to be the best place in Ireland to live, work and study. Our city has enormous potential and challenges. Limerick is bursting with talent, creativity, passion and untapped potential. To make it thrive we must foster strong communities.

“We’ve all had enough of the failed policies of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party. I want to make Limerick the best place in Ireland and with people’s support on June 7th, I promise to hit the ground running on making this vision a reality.”


Limerick Mayor manifesto:

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