Contrived Row Between Government Bedfellows Undermines Climate Agenda

05 June 2024

Labour’s Dublin MEP candidate, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin TD, today dismissed the contrived row between Government parties on climate as “electoral showboating, that will only undermine support for real action on climate.”

“The contrived row in the past 24 hours between the three Government parties on climate action will be seen by voters for what it is – electoral showboating.”

“This is childish behaviour, that undermines broad support for the climate agenda.  FG are giving credence to the car lobby, while two wings of FF are trying to play city and country off each other.  Meanwhile the Green Party tries to join the opposition for the last few days of the campaign.”

“This type of playacting undermines collective action on climate.  While this charade is played out we see searing temperatures in India and the Tropics and deadly floods in southern Germany.

“The climate is changing lives before our eyes and we need unified, collective action on emissions, biodiversity and climate adaptability.  It isn’t a time to take entrenched positions.  We need to convince communities that changes we make now can produce positive results for the long term.  As I said in the RTE debate last night we need leadership on this issue.  Pitting communities against each other is counter productive and dangerous.  It’s a tawdry way for the Government parties to finish a campaign – I’m sure the electorate will give them their verdict on Friday.”

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