Monday to Friday. 9am-5pm ( I don't run clinics but if anyone wanted to reach me, these are the times I have dedicated)

Why I got involved in politics

I got involved in politics because it is my passion. Politics has been part of my life and now I take it as an opportunity to be a voice for those who feel do not have one. Politics especially at local level which is at grassroot level is a great place to start to change individual lives while connecting with the people you working with and the constituents you are working for.

I am actively and positively involved in politics because I strongly believe in being part of the movement and great machine that works to bring about change. I want to be a role model not only for my children but the community at large.

My priorities

Equality, Integration and inclusion.

I believe in a society that is equal for all regardless of background, race, religion or community. I will continue to fight and advocate for equality and reforms in legislation to make sure our communities are free from discrimination, racism, homophobia and more. Through education and empowerment i will work on making our society safe fr everyone.

Social and affordable housing.

I have seen first hand how the housing crisis has affected families, mine included and how devastating the situation is. i will work hard to fight for safe, sustainable social and affordable housing as we work on towards eradicating the housing crisis.

Youth and young adults.

Our youth are our future and our future leaders. I believe that they are the forgotten generation who need more supports as they transition to adults. Not all teens love sports etc so why not create a space and place where they can flourish and blossom in areas they love. Providing a youth centre or social clubs would be key as a way to give them a space to just be teenagers and do what they love doing from music, dance, skating or just chilling with their friend.

Women's Equality, empowerment, Safety.

If there is anything the Covid pandemic has showed us, is how dire the situation is with domestic abuse and how unsafe even walking down the street could be when you are a woman. I strongly believe that we need to hold government accountable in fulfilling their promise to provide safety and protection to victims. we need more refuges and sustainable fund for agencies and organisation to work efficiently with enough resources. it is my goal to support, advocate and fight for increased support and resources.

We need proper infrastructure that will keep up with the demand of the growing population.

These include roads, schools, public transport, hospitals and more. I will work with the authorities and continue to voice our concerns when it comes to development, contractors and county councils.

My background

Anne was born in Kenya and moved to Ireland over a decade ago and made Ireland her home and started a family.

From a young age, Ms.Burke has been an activist and advocate for girls and women. She has fought for the right for girls to have access to education.

She has also been a voice and advocate for the the struggle to end Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) and continues to do so even today.

Anne started a multicultural event that is held yearly as a positive respond after her and her children experienced discrimination and racism. The event has helped through educating and empowering the community on embracing new communities and their culture as well as minorities by promoting the diversity.

She was involved in campaigns throughout the years such as marriage equality, repeal the 8th campaign, LGBTQ+ rights, climate change to mention but a few.
In 2019 Anne run for local election in the Greystones municipal district. Despite not gaining a seat as a councillor, she continues to work as an area representative who is still fighting hard for the constituents.

She is now in university studying Social Science and Cultural Innovation at DCU as she works on owning her skills and widening her horizons as she develops a better understand of Ireland, its history and her people.

Clubs and Committees

  • Labour Equality: as Chairperson,
  • Labour Women: as Women Support Officers,
  • African Irish Society of Wicklow: as the Vicechair person,
  • AkiDwA : as a Community health ambassador and domestic violence support worker and advocate,
  • Greystones Family resource centre: as a board member,
  • Wezesha : Board member,
  • Communities Alliance Against Racism,
  • Bray for Love,
  • Wicklow PPN: in process of joining the secretariat.
  • Network of African Irish Leaders: as a co-odinator,
  • Greystones Community College: member of the parent leadership team,
  • DCU: student rep for BA social science and cultural innovation.