Why I got involved in politics

I have always had a keen interest in Local and National Politics, and more so in the way that it can be delivered. Ireland as a Country of much prosperity, we currently do not have an “Ireland that works for all and in particular at local level”. I believe that a large part of Ireland’s failure to deliver lies and can be mostly solved at local Government level. Local Councils rely too much on a centralised direction model from National Government when they could and should be doing more. For me, being involved in politics is to bring about change, more of the money generated in the local economy should stay locally and this would ensure that such local economies are democratically and socially owned.

With above in mind, why has Irelands GNP (Gross National Product) increased by a mere! Twenty-Seven percent since 2017[CSO] all the while, we as an Irish population have multiple existential crises knocking on our door that are seemingly understandable by those directly in charge, whose fault is this? why does the Government paint a different narrative to the actual reality of what I see every day? Do you see this also?

My priorities

On Local Housing/Building Lifecycle: I will be actively seeking answers from the Local Council as to why there is a shortage of Housing stock against not only predicted but actual population growth when there is so much local authority land that is and remains unused. 

Local Climate and Ecology: I am a firm believer that our approach to the Climate and its protection must change. This change must start at the top and precipitate downwards. For instance how much renewable technology has the Local Government installed in/on its buildings to date including the Social Housing stocks. Where is the information campaign that should be active by the Local Council to promote renewable technologies in this area? 

Local Education: Did you know that Ireland currently occupies the mid twenty’s on Pupil Teacher ratios for Primary level within the EU [CSO] , it being the most important time to introduce learning through self-achievement and self-confidence, two areas where so many of our youngest and most vulnerable young Children and Adults are let down. 

Local Health: The general Population’s Healthcare is also at breaking point where its staff work with what they have been given. It too has its own good fight with private lobby interests who occupy state land/buildings funded by the local taxpayer’s who again do not directly benefit. 

My background

I completed my leaving cert in the late 1990’s in Ballyfin College, Co Laois. I took up an Electrical Apprenticeship with a Qualification as Electrician in the early 2000’s. I ran my own Electrical Contracting Business for a number of years before returning to third level in 2009. Having completed a B.Eng Degree as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer I currently work in the renewable generation sector.

 I am an active TEEU union Member and promotor of workers’ rights and entitlements. I contribute and enjoy input into my local residents committee making the living experience more enjoyable and affordable for all.