Why I got involved in politics

Over the past five years, my focus has been on engaging with community groups, including the local Access Group and Autism Friendly Clonakilty and EmployAbility West Cork, which assists disabled people in gaining meaningful employment. 

In the last election, I received over 500 votes, a promising start that reflects the desire for change in our community. I believe that together, we can build on this foundation and win a seat in the upcoming local elections. My involvement in national campaigns, such as running Disabled People for Choice during the campaign to Repeal the 8th and advocacy for abortion rights, has equipped me with invaluable experience. I have consistently lent my voice to advocate for marginalised communities. I want to use this experience to create a West Cork for all.

My priorities


Accessible and affordable housing for all is central to my agenda, addressing homelessness and providing a stable foundation for our community. I will actively support affordable and accessible housing initiatives to create a more inclusive housing landscape. Energy-efficient housing is also a key focus, reducing environmental impact and living costs for residents.

Climate Action 

Transitioning to sustainable practices is crucial. We can achieve this by supporting renewable energies and eco-friendly transportation. Integrating solar panels in local authority buildings is just the beginning; we can combat climate change through innovative green policies.

Public Transport and Safe and Active Travel 

Improving public transportation in rural regions is essential for connecting our community and reducing isolation. I will seek investment into eco-friendly active travel alternatives, promoting tourism and enhancing residents' overall quality of life.

Safe and Active Travel

Enhancing our infrastructure to promote safe and active travel options. I will advocate for improvements for pedestrians and cyclists to encourage healthy and sustainable transport and promote tourism. 


Upholding accessibility as a fundamental right, I will aim to ensure a welcoming and inclusive community. I will collaborate with disability advocacy groups to remove barriers both physical and metaphorical, creating an environment where everyone can fully participate and thrive.

My background

Hi, I’m Evie Nevin and I’m running for Labour in Clonakility - Skibbereen in the 2024 Local Elections.

I want to create a West Cork for all no matter your age, gender or background. If elected, I am committed to tackling the issues that our community faces. I live in Knocks with my husband and two children and I have proudly called West Cork home for over two decades. I have a background in journalism and this experience has contributed to my political and advocacy work.