Why I got involved in politics

I got involved in politics because I care. 

I care about education, citizenship, cycling, the environment and the housing crisis we are facing, among other issues. 

Getting involved in local politics gives me a platform to create change in our local communities. I want to realise sustainable change that will make improvements for people in the local area and beyond. 

My priorities

CLIMATE - a clean, sustainable community with convenient workable green solutions for everyday living.  

ACTIVE TRAVEL - I would like to see safer road use and increased protected cycle paths to schools.  I also wish to see more reliable and more extensive public transport that is accessible for everyone.

CHILDCARE and EDUCATION - As a working mom of three school going children, I can relate to the challenges of combining employment with raising a young family. I understand how challenging the lack of accessible and affordable childcare can be.  We need to support working parents with high quality affordable childcare in their local area. 

My background

I am a primary school teacher with 20 years teaching experience. I have been part of school management in two different schools, a DEIS school for 10 years, and in the last ten years with Educate Together. I have also lectured in DCU in Science and Geography, Green schools and Human Rights Education. 

Clubs and Committees

I am currently on the following committees:

Arts, Culture, Recreation and Community SPC; 

South East Area Committee; 

DCC Finance SCP; 

Mid Leinster Regional Health Forum; Finance SPC; 

South East Area Committee; South East Area JPC

I serve on the following Boards: Rathmines College of Further Education; Dublin City Leisure Services Company Ltd; Harolds Cross Educate Together National School; 

I am an active member of Larkview FC working in particular with the girls football teams.