My priorities

My name is James Humphreys and I am honoured to be the Labour Party councillor for Swords LEA.

I moved to Castleview in Swords several years ago and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Swords is a friendly, vibrant and inclusive community that’s rapidly growing.

Labour as a party have always represented the highest standards in planning and local politics. I feel a personal responsibility to continue that tradition. Duncan Smith has been a great help and example to me, and I hope to continue his high standard of public representation.

I would urge anyone who wishes to change the way things are done and improve our community to get engaged join a party and affect that change.

Some of my priorities for Swords include:

  1. Sensible and Responsible Planning
  2. Improved public Transport
  3. More community facilities
  4. Protecting and enhancing Public Spaces and Green ways

If there are any issues that you or your family would like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact me.