Why I got involved in politics

I got involved in politics through my love of history. As a teenager I was fascinated with political history and I always seemed to empathise with those who were downtrodden or oppressed, so I was always naturally on the left of the political spectrum. The Iraq War was a real catalyst for me. I felt that the war was unjust and unwarranted, I participated in the anti-war demonstration in Dublin. From there I became more and more interested in all aspects of politics. 

My priorities

In North Louth we have a number of issues that I would like to tackle should I be elected Councillor. Firstly, on the Cooley peninsula there are some areas which are a 45 minutes to the nearest A&E in Drogheda. Added to that, those same areas are 25 minutes away from the nearest ambulance station in Dundalk. I would like to see an ambulance station on the Cooley Peninsula, this would go a small way to redress the imbalance in access to emergency care that residents currently suffer from. Secondly, our roads have deteriorated significantly over recent years and since the floods we experienced last year many are yet to be fixed. Lastly, the current planning policy is not working for people in the rural parts of our constituency. Many people have a site and the means to build their own house, but are unable to get planning permission. In the midst of a national housing crises, I think this makes no sense.

My background

 I was born in 1984. My mother was a teacher and my father was a factory worker. I had a great education in Dulargy NS and De La Salle Dundalk. I subsequently studied History in UCD, receiving a BA and MA there. After that, I done a h-Dip in Education and became a Primary school teacher. I have being teaching since 2007. I am married to the wonderful Jenny and have three children. Throughout my life I have been a member of St Patrick's GAA club, I am currently coaching the under 7s and was lucky enough to win a few championships during my playing days. I currently manage Roche Emmets men's team, a group of young men who continue to inspire me. 

Clubs and Committees

As well as the Labour Party, I am a member of the Louth Archaeological and Historical Society, St Patrick's GAA Club, the INTO, Cumann na mBunscol and a number of years ago I was the Twinning Officer for the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.