Why I got involved in politics

As a Labour Party voter since I could legally vote, I finally decided to join the political party after the success of the their participation in the Marriage Equality Referendum and the Repeal the 8th campaign.

I saw a party that was progressive in protecting the rights of vulnerable people and not afraid to stand up for what it believed in.

My priorities

As the elected Labour Councillor for Drogheda Rural, I wanted to see increased public transport services, active travel measures, traffic calming and more play and recreation facilities for all.

Living in an urban area of a small rural town, I saw how lack of footpaths, safe cycling and walking routes, lack of regular buses and playgrounds decreases the quality of life for residents.

From working in a multi-cultural school with children of all backgrounds and needs, I wanted to ensure that diversity and inclusion in Co. Louth would be high on the Council's agenda.

My background

I grew up in Drogheda and moved with my family to Termonfeckin in 2006. I was a Special Needs Assistant for 13 years and after 5 years of part-time study while working, I qualified as a Primary School teacher in 2021. I currently work in a DEIS school in Drogheda.

Since I was elected in 2019, my campaigns have been very successful and we now have:

  • New bus route from Drogheda to Dundalk going through the coastal village ten times a day;
  • New footpath to Seapoint beach;
  • More bicycle parking;
  • Traffic calming measures including driver feedback speed signs, ramps, pedestrian crossings, signage in Drogheda Rural areas and a new traffic warden in Tullyallen;
  • New Play policy in progress for Co. Louth;
  • I also co-founded a new community group in Termonfeckin and I'm actively involved in the new Drogheda Cycling group.

Lots done, more to do....

Clubs and Committees

  • Vice-Chair, Regional Health Committee - Dublin/North-East
  • Executive Director, East Border Region Ltd.
  • Co-Founder of Termonfeckin GOAL Mile
  • Member, Drogheda Cycling
  • Member, Termonfeckin Welcomes & Sanctuary Runners