Why I got involved in politics

I am a proud West Kerry man and pride in my community and place is very important to me & the sustainability of our community into the future.

I have always had a keen interest in politics & Current affairs throughout my life. I have for many years tied with the idea of getting involved at a local level and last year decided to become a member of the Labour party as I am motivated by the Labour values of Fairness, Decency & Equality.

As we emerged from the pandemic I felt there needed to be change and the Labour party is offering that alternative positive vision for real change I feel.

My priorities

We face many challenges in west Kerry & Kerry.


West Kerry is a big farming community and coming from a sheep farming background I am well aware of all the challenges the industry faces. I want to be a voice locally that can help promote sustainability in all our farming sectors here on the ground.

Fishing Industry as a whole has been totally abandoned with the harsh restrictions on fishing quotas been afforded to our fishermen & in turn has led to a big decline in this industry here locally in Dingle as more and more foreign trawlers land there catch and it goes out the road on the back of trucks bound for processing plants in Spain.

These processing jobs where once a large portion of employment locally both from crews on the many trawlers we once had to the many jobs in the local processing plants. We need to do all we can to help protect this industry which is of vital importance to many coastal families.

Housing & Planning is a major issue currently locally & nationally there has to be a lot more done in respect of housing as current policies are failing to address the many issues. I wish to highlight the need for more affordable housing as well as social housing locally here in West Kerry & the County of Kerry.

 I feel a lot more needs to be done to help our young people to get a home. Here in west Kerry planning permission to build on family lands is a major issue with more and more people been forced from building a family home on their own farm lands even by demonstrating a need for housing and a genuine connection to the lands this is something that I feel really needs to be addressed as I feel it is not right for a family not to bellowed put a roof over their kids heads and live on their family farms because the dwelling could be visible from a national or tourism route. I believe in proper planning policies but also there needs to be more done to help applicants that can show a genuine need and connection to an area to be allowed build a home.

The Long term rental market also needs to be addressed locally & nationally. I have seen over the past number of years more and more landlords fleeing the market there needs to be some sort of incentive given to encourage these landlords back into the market and to boost the supply of long term rentals which in turn would lead to more long term rental stock and lower rents all of which could reduce the large number of homelessness throughout this country.


Is our biggest industry locally & from my previous background an assistant manager of a Local Hotel it is vitally important that everything that can be done to support all aspects of our tourism industry into the future is done.


There is also a need locally to provide and increase in facilities for the youth of our communities.

My background

I was born & raised on our family Sheep farm at Garfiney two miles east of Dingle town. My parents are Geraldine & Seamus Kennedy. My father works as a general operative with Kerry county council & my mother is a housewife. I help my father with the day to day running of our family farm to this day.

I am Married to Grainne Harcksen from castlecountess in Tralee 4 wonderful children Lucy, Emma, Zara & Jamie.

I attended Both Dingle CBS schools primary & secondary before going on to college in Cork College of Commerce.

I graduated from Cork College of Commerce with my Certificate & Diploma in Auctioneering & Estate Agency. I worked in Mid Kerry with Jim Burns Auctioneers after I finished in college and then with Padraig Lynch & Co Auctioneers & Estate Agents in Dingle until they closed in the crash of 2008. I immigrated to Australia in 2009 and lived and worked there up until late 2010 when I returned home.

I then worked as the assistant manager of Dingle Benners Hotel from 2011 until I started my own Auctioneering & Real Estate business in Dingle town in 2016 and still operate to this day. I am a full member of the institute of professional auctioneers and valuers.

Clubs and Committees

  • I am currently on the Board of Management of Scoil Neamh Eoin Baiste Lispoil.
  • I am currently a member of Lispole GAA Club.
  • I am a Coach with Dingle Bay Rovers Soccer Club.
  • I am a Coach with Dingle LGFA.