Why I got involved in politics

I am living in Templeogue since 1989, where I owned and worked in a small preschool for 17 years. My introduction to politics came through my involvement in community activities. It began when I organised litter picks with local children. Those children needed someplace to hangout, so I became a founder member of the Small Giants youth club. At the time I was working with Templeogue United FC in several capacities, including getting my FAI coaching qualification so that I could help set up and coach the girl’s section. I am glad to say that these endeavours are still going strong thanks to the great people I worked with.

I believe in a democratic, inclusive, equitable and sustainable society, free from homelessness. A place where childcare and healthcare systems are fit for the 21st century and a living wage is sufficient to enable people to afford to buy a home.

Politics is about taking action to improve our lives, now more than ever, as we face the climate crises. That action starts in our local area, by developing an appropriate transport infrastructure to meet the needs of the entire community.

Since the Labour Party drove social change in Ireland throughout my adult life, when I was approached to stand for the party in the 2009 local elections it was the obvious home for me.

My priorities

I believe in communities working together to improve local services so that everyone can have a better quality of life. As a councillor, I have actively worked on community projects. My priorities are:

Working to reduce traffic congestion in the area by supporting better transport links, better cycling infrastructure and safer pedestrian walkways.

Provide improved footpath accessibility for the members of our community with mobility issues

Work closely with the local Gardai and specialist units to ensure freedom from anti-social behaviour and keep our streets and parks safe.

Deliver alternative outlets for the youth in our community through the provision of a safe place to socialise and meet their friends.

Support the provision of outdoor play areas for children, with particular emphasis on accessible sensory equipment for children with additional needs.

Deliver affordable and appropriate housing and accommodation services for everyone in the community.

Support our local sports clubs, men’s sheds, residents associations  and active retired groups in their endeavours.

Work to achieve our national climate targets at local level.

Preserve and protect our local heritage sites.

My background

I am married and I have two adult sons. I recently closed my preschool which I had operated locally for 17 years, prior to that I ran an afterschool service for 7 years. I have a keen interest in sport particularly soccer and hurling. My grandfather was on the Tipperary hurling team that won the 1916 all Ireland final, although it was played in January 1917. I played basketball competitively for over twenty years. Currently I enjoy hill walking and I am also working on the family tree.

In my time in office as a local councillor I have worked with local community groups and individuals to secure funding for various projects. Working with a client of St Michaels House that came to me with a proposal, I managed to secure the provision of an extra €30,000 in the 2018 budget to facilitate footpath improvement works in the area which allowed greater accessibility for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues. With a number of colleagues and the help of the Templeogue Tidy Town Committee we eventually got the funding to commence a €1.6 million upgrade of Templeogue village.

I also spearheaded the campaign to get an intergenerational hub into Tymon Park securing a budget of 1.2million to complete the work. I have worked with SDCC and other support services to find accommodation for people in need. I have connected with older people in the area to make sure their needs are being met. And I successfully campaigned to retain local bus services.

Clubs and Committees

  • Member of the Eastern Midland Regional Assembly.
  • Member of the Economic Development Enterprise and Tourism SPC.
  • Member of the Naming of Infrastructure Committee.
  • Member of the D12 Policing Forum.
  • Member of the Metro South West Group.
  • Member of the DDLETB.
  • Member of the board of Youthreach.
  • Member of Dundrum College of Further Education.
  • Chairperson St Mac Dara's Community College.
  • Chairperson Greenhills Community College.
  • Chairperson Oberstown Campus School.
  • Chairperson Templeogue Tidy Town Committee.