Why I got involved in politics

I developed an interest in politics at quite a young age. As a teenager, in my native Scotland, I was involved in the anti-apartheid movement. The injustice of the apartheid regime in South Africa, at the time, sparked something in me about the need for fairness and equality. 

Growing up in Scotland during the Thatcher years made many people political in one way or another, and I was no different. Fast forward to today, and I still see fairness and equality as key issues for society to address, to help alleviate poverty and create a more level playing field for all.

My priorities

Celbridge has grown massively in the last 20 years, with people moving to the area from Dublin, the rest of the country, and beyond. Many of us who live in the area see the development of sustainable infrastructure to support this growth as a priority. There is also a need to enhance the social and cultural amenities that are available, on a scale that reflects its growth.

With the population increasing all the time, there’s a need for greater inclusion, for appropriate services, and for community participation for all. As a Labour candidate, I also consider it vital that we continue to support disadvantaged and more marginalised people. As a parent of three young children, I would also like to see the continuing improvement of health, education, and recreation facilities.

Celbridge is a town with a rich history. It is located on the scenic River Liffey, and has amazing green spaces and lands. I believe that these resources could be leveraged better for the benefit of the town and its people, long into the future. 

My background

I grew up in Dundee, on Scotland's east coast, before eventually relocating to Ireland in 2000. I am married to Sinead, a primary school teacher in Gaelscoil Naomh Padraig in Lucan. We have three children; Eavan, Callum, and Laoise. 

Graduating from Dublin City University, I trained as a digital content specialist. This involves writing articles, website copy, marketing materials, and everything in between, for companies to promote their services on the internet. I have worked mainly in the tech and financial sectors.

I am incredibly proud to represent The Labour Party in Celbridge, and in the wider constituency of Kildare North. I intend to carry on the great work of previous Labour representatives and build on the goodwill that exists for the party here.