New Deal for Climate

We are committed to placing climate action at the heart of our policies and ensuring a Just Transition.

Climate in An Ireland That Works.

An Ireland That Works for All means ensuring a Just Transition and securing our planet for future generations.

We would deliver on our climate targets through radical but fair measures and climate-proofing everything we do as a nation.

Ordinary workers and families must be supported through and see the benefits of our transition towards a carbon neutral economy.

Labour would pilot a €9 per month Climate Ticket for public transport, modelled on the popular German scheme. This would have the dual benefit of reducing transport costs and reducing our carbon emissions by encouraging people to use public transport.

We would also invest more in retrofitting programmes, frontload investment in active travel and city bike schemes, equip farmers to meet sectoral emissions, and make targeted investments to improve biodiversity and sustainability.

We would provide for an extra capital investment in climate measures of €376 million, with €150 million dedicated to retrofitting, €104 million for solar installation, and €117 million for public transport and cycling.

Carbon Labelling

Labour’s Carbon Labelling Bill would do this by giving consumers information about the environmental impact of products.

Sustainable Public Transport

Labour has a plan to make Ireland’s public transport infrastructure cheaper and more sustainable.

Just Transition And More Sustainable Jobs

Workers must be at the heart of climate action. We support a Just Transition as we move to a zero-carbon economy.

Central, Sustainable and Green Development

We need to build green and sustainable communities throughout our towns and villages.

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