New Deal for Climate

We are committed to a just transition and a green new deal – climate action must be done in a fair but rapid way.

What a New Deal for Climate means for Ireland.

A New Deal for Climate would mean investing in climate action now, setting out clear and ambitious carbon budgets and climate proofing everything we do as a nation. It means a commitment to a just transition and a new deal on climate action.

Labour would develop a more ambitious climate change strategy, with clear actions based on science. Labour would achieve Ireland’s climate targets in a way that is socially just, by creating new sustainable jobs. We would double the Just Transition Fund.

We need to change people’s behaviour and build society around climate principles. Investment in public transport and active travel projects will be crucial. A New Deal for Climate would include free travel for children and young people, as well as a massive expansion of the city bike schemes.

The effects of climate change are impacting our bodies as well as our planet. Outdoor air pollution results in 1,200 annual premature deaths in Ireland alone.  A New Deal for Climate would invest in air quality monitoring to help slow climate change and while improving our health, improving our quality of life and reducing the burden of disease for people living in Ireland.

Carbon Labelling

Labour’s Carbon Labelling Bill would do this by giving consumers information about the environmental impact of products.

Sustainable Public Transport

Labour has a plan to make Ireland’s public transport infrastructure cheaper and more sustainable.

Just Transition And More Sustainable Jobs

Workers must be at the heart of climate action. We support a Just Transition as we move to a zero-carbon economy.

Central, Sustainable and Green Development

We need to build green and sustainable communities throughout our towns and villages.

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