For many working people and families, this is a low-pay and high-cost country – Ireland needs a pay rise, alongside a significant reduction in out-of-pocket costs for essential public services.
New Deal for Workers

Right to Flexible Work

We saw the impact flexible work had during the pandemic to broaden the labour market base, particularly for women, people with disabilities and younger workers. Labour believe everyone should have a right to flexible work.

Our Towns and Villages

Labour has a vision for towns and villages throughout Ireland for thriving local economies post-pandemic. 

Reproductive Leave

The Labour Party’s would provide an entitlement to reproductive leave of up to 20 days for workers who suffer a miscarriage, and up to 10 days for those seeking treatments like IVF.

Valuing Care

Labour is campaigning to improve the pay, terms and conditions of workers in the community and voluntary sector.

Protections for gig workers

Labour is seeking to end the precarious situation of riders, drivers, and all who engage in so-called platform work.

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