Bleedin’ Justice

Labour want to destigmatise periods and to ensure easy access to products.

Nobody should go without basic period products. We know that some young people avoid school when they are menstruating because they can’t afford tampons or sanitary towels.

That’s why Senator Rebecca Moynihan published legislation to provide free period products in all schools, educational institutions and public buildings.

During a year, the average Irish person spends an extra €61.39 on period products, just because of their menstrual cycle. But the real cost of this is much higher – painkillers, laundry products and contraceptive pills. This is a huge additional financial cost, particularly for the most vulnerable in our society.

We need to start by removing the stigma. If there was no toilet roll provided in bathrooms, people would soon sit up and take notice.

Periods are not a luxury. They are a part of everyday life. We need period justice for all. It’s time we ended period injustice for all.



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