European Election Manifesto 2024

Only a vote for Labour MEPs can stop a second term for Ursula Von Der Leyen. Elect Labour MEPs to represent you in the largest progressive group in the European Parliament.
Labour Euro Election Manifesto 2024

Only a vote for Labour MEPs can stop a second term for Ursula Von Der Leyen. Our S&D group, made up of MEPs from the Party of European Socialists, is the second largest in the European Parliament and has an alternative candidate for Commission President.

On Friday 7th June your vote in the European elections can help deliver a Social Europe that works for all.

It matters who we send to the European Parliament to represent Ireland. Labour is a member of the Party of European Socialists, the largest progressive force in the EU. We want to shape a society based on the ideals of democracy, and the equal rights of all people. Our goal is for people to live and be equal in a society based on principles of solidarity.

We want a Europe that works for all. No country can face the challenges of our times alone.


Labour’s European priorities are:

  1. Delivering a European Plan for Affordable Housing.
  2. Fighting for better jobs and higher wages.
  3. Building a Social Europe and ensuring the rich pay their fair share.
  4. A Just Transition on climate and lower energy prices.
  5. Protecting our democracy and fighting the far right.
  6. A Feminist Europe and protecting the rights of minorities.
  7. A Europe that promotes peace, security and development.


Over the last five years, Europe has faced multiple crises. Our Party of European Socialists has delivered solutions on jobs and the cost of living, on the environment and the climate emergency, on the Covid-19 pandemic, the regulation of big tech, and the rule of law.

As the far right becomes a growing force across Europe, it is crucial Ireland sends  strong and progressive voices to represent us in the Socialists and Democrats group, the grouping to which we in the Labour Party belong. Ireland cannot afford to allow the right to become the dominant force across Europe. We know all too well that these conservative and reactionary forces do not have what it takes to address the issues that affect us all in our daily lives. Worse still, they prefer to exploit differences and use fear to achieve their agenda.Too many of the voices in Brussels now do not represent our values, so we must have change. With your support, we can return Labour voices for Europe in June, Labour representatives who will stand for equality, solidarity, and fairness.

If you want a just transition for a sustainable economy, an EU plan for affordable housing, MEPs who stand firm against the far right, and European solidarity with the people of Gaza and Ukraine, then I’m asking you to vote for:


Aodhán Ó Riordain in Dublin

Niamh Hourigan in Ireland South


Fergal Landy in Midlands North West.

In Solidarity,

Ivana Bacik

Leader of the Labour Party

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