Ivana Bacik to be Labour Director of Elections for General Election

Labour Trade Unionists
14 January 2020

Labour Party Leader Brendan Howlin TD has appointed Senator Ivana Bacik as Director of Elections for the upcoming General Election.

Commenting on her appointment, Senator Bacik said:

“Across the country, Labour candidates are preparing for the election, and I am honoured to have been asked to serve as Director of Elections for the campaign. At the recent by-elections and local elections, we have been listening to the needs of communities.

“Labour will campaign on a platform of real solutions, including five non-negotiable proposals on housing, health, work, children and climate.

“We will set out how we would better invest public money, build homes and improve healthcare.

“As the campaign starts, we must remember that in the last general election the two main parties who have governed together since 2016 received less than half of the vote, and they got an even lower vote share, 44%, across the four November by-elections.

“It is clear that there is public desire for alternatives to the status quo, and Labour will present our progressive alternatives as a genuinely better way forward for the country.”

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