Labour Trade Unionists

Labour Trade Unionists is open to all party members who are also a member of a trade union. 

Labour Trade Unionists is a formal section of the Labour Party, which is made up of all party members who are also members of a union.

While our identities remain separate, the Labour Party and trade unions have always worked closely together with a common commitment to good living standards and wages, human rights, democracy, equality, social justice and strong public services.

Labour Trade Unionists’ objectives include:

  • Winning support among trade union members who instinctively think Labour.
  • Increasing membership and growing the debate among working people.
  • Promoting union membership among all Labour Party members and staff.
  • Coordinating trade union support for real Labour values and election candidates.
  • Liaising between the Party and the wider trade union movement.

The current Chair and Vice Chair of Labour Trade Unionists is Paddy Cole (SIPTU) and Moira Leydon (ASTI)

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