I will fight for the minimum wage to be a real living wage- Pratt

28 January 2020

The Labour Party has this week launched its policy on work proposals as part of the General Election campaign.

This is one of Labour’s five policy commitments that must be at the core of any agreement with other parties in the next Dáil.

Commenting on the plan, Labour General Election Candidate and Mayor of Waterford City and County Council, Cllr. John Pratt said: 

“Labour will not go into Government with any party who will not commit to implementing our proposals on better pay and job security.

“When Labour entered Government in 2011, we raised the minimum wage from €7.65 to €8.65 immediately. In 2015, Labour set up the Low Pay Commission which from 1 February 2020 will have raised the minimum wage 5 times to €10.10.

“We believe that everyone is entitled to a minimum living wage and should have certainty in knowing what their income will be on a week to week basis. It is important that anyone who works, can work with the knowledge that they can budget to pay their rent, heat their home, and pay for groceries. I will fight for the minimum wage to be a real living wage.

“The average number of bank holidays across Europe is 11, in Ireland it is 9. If entering Government, Labour will introduce two new public holidays so that people who are busier than ever before can take some extra time out.”


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