Labour LGBTQ+ statement in advance of Dublin Pride

23 June 2023

Speaking ahead of Dublin Pride this weekend, Labour LGBTQ+ Co-Chair James Kearney said:

“As we prepare for Dublin Pride this coming Saturday, we look forward to honouring this historic edition of Dublin Pride as we protest, remember, and celebrate the advancements and highlight challenges still facing members of our community.

“It is both timely and greatly welcome that Minister Helen McEntee has committed to implementing the disregard of historic convictions of gay and bisexual men, following on from the work started by Ged Nash in 2016 and that the Minister has worked on delivering hate crime legislation.

“We also welcome Minister Roderic O’Gorman’s commitments to a ban on so-called conversion therapies inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities. However, this government has also made many promises which are yet to happen. We need to build on the groundbreaking work of Labour in bringing in Gender Recognition Act 2015.”

Labour Senator Annie Hoey said:

“In the programme for government, the governing parties committed to implementing a general health policy for trans people, based on a best-practice model for care, in line with the World Professional Association of Transgender Healthcare (WPATH). For far too long trans healthcare has been an issue the Government has failed to address, despite many promises to do so. Three years into the lifetime of this government and their promises on vastly improved trans healthcare are yet to materialise. While we are waiting for government to live up to their own commitments people are facing agonisingly long waits for assessment and treatment, with no realistic end in sight. Government will happily walk behind trans and rainbow flags this weekend at Dublin Pride but when are they going to actually walk the walk and put their money where their mouth is an invest in these desperately needed services for trans people?”

Labour LGBTQ+ Co-Chair James Kearney continued:

“As we march this weekend in Pride we know that everyday our trans and non-binary community are facing incredible discrimination and targeted abuse online. The increase in violence towards the Trans community in particular and the wider LGBTQ+ community needs urgent action and we will continue to advocate in solidarity with all of our community.

“Labour LGBTQ+ will march in Dublin this weekend as a celebration, and importantly as a mark of solidarity and protest at hate crime attacks against our community and the worst trans healthcare in Europe.”

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