Ciarán Ahern

Dublin South-West, Rathfarnham-Tempelogue
More about me

Why I got involved in politics

I work as a labour law solicitor and I'm in politics so future generations in Dublin South West get the same opportunities as I did.

I believe in the power of politics to solve our biggest problems - but my generation increasingly does not. We need to change that and I want to help.

I'm keenly aware that younger people feel badly let down.

  • Many are exploited in the gig economy (and few have any kind of pension)
  • More see little hope of ever owning their own home unless they are privileged enough to get help from their parents,
  • We're all overwhelmed by the scale of the climate crisis and the refusal of our government to stand up to the vested interests destroying our planet,
  • We're horrified at the unending stream of "historical" abuse which is, it seems, being repeated today through the State's treatment off our most vulnerable citizens,
  • If we fail to solve our housing and climate crisis we all lose; not only do we fail young people who feel they can't aspire to the same quality of life as the generation before them, but we also destroy any remaining trust in politics, and for that we will pay a price.

I promise you I'll bring a constructive and optimistic approach to everything I do.

My priorities

I will use my legal skills and track record of voluntary work to represent the interests of all those want to live in sustainable, safe and affordable communities, and who want decent, stable jobs with responsible employers and a good work-life balance.

My generation wants Ireland organised differently as we emerge from this pandemic. We want enhanced public spaces, more provision for active travel, and we want to put climate and sustainability at the heart of everrything we do.

I want to ensure transparency and accountability in all our institutions, public and private. To ensure compassion and empathy is shown to the victims of "historical" abuse, to ensure as a society that we accept our mistakes and learn from them.

We all value the front line workers without whom our society couldn't function, from student nurses to school secretaries to home carers. So let's work together to ensure they're paid properly and treated with the dignity they deserve.

My background

I was born and raised in Rathfarnham and know Dublin South West inside out. I'm proud of the community spirit created by the people who live and work here, and through our incredible clubs and community groups.

I was a first-time candidate for the Labour Party in the 2020 General Election in Dublin South West. I was announced as a candidate on the day the election was called and after a three and a half week campaign I finished with 5,803 votes. My campaign won widespread admiration for our clear focus on building a kinder, fairer and more sustainable society - and for our innovative use of humour.

Clubs and Committees

I started volunteering in my community at an early age and understand the value and importance of public service:

  • I am a founding director of the charity Calcutta Connect, which supports education in underprivileged communities in India,
  • I am pro-bono legal advisor to Justice for Magdalenes Research,
  • Through FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centres) I provide free legal advice to many individuals, small businesses and charities,
  • I organise the Law Society’s annual Calcutta Run for Peter McVerry Trust and Hope Foundation, raising €280,000 in 2020 alone,
  • I have campaigned actively for numerous important causes over the years including the Marriage Equality referendum, Repeal the 8th, Climate Strike protests, Stand For Truth and both of President Higgins’ election campaigns,
  • I am honorary treasurer of the Employment Law Association of Ireland,
  • I am on the Board of Management of a local primary school, active in the Dublin Cycling Campaign and volunteer with Ballyboden Tidy Towns and Dodder Action Group,
  • As a musician I sing, play trumpet and euphonium and am a former Secretary of Rathfarnham Concert Band.

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