Why I got involved in politics

As a young person who grew up through the Celtic Tiger and subsequent crash in the early part of the 2000s, I saw first hand the difference politics made to people’s lives. Inequality grew, and opportunities for young people to thrive seemed to disappear overnight. 

I believe in politics as a force for change both locally and nationally, and getting involved with community groups and political groups I was lucky to take part in major campaigns for change over the past number of years. 

I am keenly aware of the anger felt by young people who feel let down on a vast array of issues, because it is my experience too:

  • Working long hours in their jobs to struggle to pay rent or get on the property ladder
  • Being overwhelmed by the scale of the climate crisis and the refusal of our government to stand up to the vested interests destroying our planet
  • Having to pay through the nose for even the most basic services. 

I promise to bring a constructive and solutions based approach to everything I do. 

My priorities

I will be an active voice for a state lead solution to the housing crisis, as private companies will prioritise profit over the public good every time. 

My generation wants Ireland organised differently as we emerge from this pandemic. We want enhanced public spaces, more provision for active travel, and we want to put climate and sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

I want to help campaign for decent wages for decent work. The cost of living crisis won’t be properly addressed until your payslip sees the difference. 

My background

I was born and raised in Artane and currently live in the family home while trying to save for a house like so many people my age. I’m proud of our community here and do my best to take part in the different groups and clubs in the area.

I was a first time candidate in the Local Elections in 2019 for Donaghmede and was eliminated after receiving 1,111 votes.

Clubs and Committees

Member of the Artane Senior Band playing Euphonium, and Bass Guitar

Orchestra Manager with the Irish Youth Wind Ensemble

Runner with Raheny Shamrocks Athletics Club

Campaigner on many equality issues including the Repeal and Marriage Equality Campaigns

Steering Committee Member of the successful Save Tolka Park Campaign

Treasurer of my local Residents’ Association