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72nd Labour Party Conference

The 72nd Labour Party National Conference will take place from Friday 24th March – Sunday 26th March 2023 in the Clayton Silver Springs Hotel in Cork.

Labour Party Conference

Labour's Reproductive Leave Bill

Click below to read about Labour’s Reproductive Leave Bill.

Reproductive Leave Bill
Cohabiting Couples

Cohabiting Couples Bill

We believe all families deserve compassion

Cohabiting Couples Bill

Community and Care Workers need a Pay Rise

If you agree that Community and Care Workers need a Pay Rise, please sign and share our petition by clicking on the button below.

Sign our petition
Ireland Needs a Pay Rise

Ireland Needs a Pay Rise

Ireland is a high cost, and for too many, also a low wage economy. This is putting huge pressures on working people and families, and something has to give.

Ireland Needs a Pay Rise

Right to Flexible Work

With more people returning to the office we need to reimagine the future of work in Ireland.

Right to Flexible Work

It's time for a New Deal

Labour wants a New Deal for Ireland that delivers for working people. We want to change Ireland for the better, implement progressive economic and social policies that make a real difference in people’s lives.

There are four key themes to our New Deal. Care, Climate, Housing and Work.

Your Labour Party

We believe in always putting people first, together we can shape the policies that make Ireland a fairer, kinder, better place.

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