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Homes for People

Vacancy and dereliction are a blight on our urban and rural communities. While thousands of people across the country cannot access secure housing, thousands of properties are lying vacant.

Vacant and Derelict Homes
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Labour – the party of fairness and equality is recruiting a full time Digital Organiser to promote and progress our values of equality, solidarity and justice.

We are hiring!
Housing for all has failed

Housing For All is failing fast

Housing for All is clearly failing. Homelessness is at record level, people are queuing around the street for a room, people being priced out of buying a home and people paying nearly half their wages on rent.

Housing For All is failing fast

An Ireland that Works for All

We are in the midst of both a cost-of-living crisis and a housing crisis. Thousands of families across the country are struggling.

 The Government has failed to address the crises we face.

Now, more than ever, Ireland needs Labour’s ambition for change.

Your Labour Party

We believe in always putting people first, together we can shape the policies that make Ireland a fairer, kinder, better place.

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