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If you work hard, pay your taxes, contribute to society, then the state should assist you with housing, healthcare, childcare, education and a system of decent public services on which you could rely on.

It's time for a New Deal for Ireland

That means a New Deal for working people, a New Deal for secure and affordable housing, a New Deal that recognises the challenge of the 21st century.

The Labour Party is offering people a positive alternative vision – a programme for real change based in hope and grounded in our social democratic values, a more caring and kinder politics.


A new deal for Care

We believe everyone should have access to healthcare when needed, a universal public childcare scheme, and free education for all.

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A new deal for Climate

We are committed to a Just Transition and a Green New Deal – climate action must be done in a fair but rapid way.

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A new deal for Housing

Ireland needs secure affordable housing, security of tenure for renters and a more ambitious public housing programme.

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New Deal for Workers

A new deal for Work

It’s time to build an Ireland with decent work at a reasonable wage with strong terms and conditions – security of employment and a minimum decent standard of living.

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Policy Documents

Election Manifesto


Alternative Budget 2021


Alternative Budget 2022


Womens Manifesto


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