5 Things Government Could Fix Right Now

If the Temporary Taoiseach is serious about making progress during his short term, there are some practical steps which he could immediately take.

Where is this newfound vigour when it comes to delivering tangible solutions for housing, healthcare, climate action, workers’ rights, and disability rights?

Five achievable actions that could make a tangible difference in the lives of people in Ireland.

1. End no fault evictions

Government could swiftly enact legislation to end no-fault evictions, providing much-needed security and stability for renters across the country. Last year, we in Labour proposed our Renters’ Right Bill, yet it was ignored.

2. End Child Homelessness by enacting Labour’s Family Homelessness Bill

Government could prioritise the passage of Labour’s Bill to end child homelessness, ensuring that no child in Ireland must endure the trauma of living in emergency accommodation. The Bill is designed to ensure that families with children have the needs of those children prioritised by authorities when seeking housing allocation.

3. Tackle the backlog in the assessment of needs

Last year Labour called for immediate provision of financial relief for parents and caregivers forced to pay for private assessments and therapies until backlogs are cleared.

4. End the Recruitment Freeze in the HSE

Lifting the staff recruitment freeze in the HSE is crucial to addressing the ongoing healthcare crisis. We are very concerned that there is no plan to combat the clear and present danger severe overcrowding has for patient safety, dignity and care. All workers deserve a safe environment where they can deliver the excellent care that Irish patients receive.

5. Tackle the cost of living and energy costs

We are now richer than we have ever been in our history, but government is failing to target those resources at those who need it most. For too many citizens, Ireland is falling short.

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