Our Mission

We believe in a place called Ireland—

A place that we have been shaping since

before we gained our statehood.


We have fought for the marginalised and given voice to new ideas.

We have celebrated the diversity of this small nation

and worked to make it a place for everyone.


We have selflessly ploughed the furrows of change,

aware that others may claim the credit,

while always believing that Ireland would be better for our efforts.


But Ireland is unfinished business.

Real change is still needed.

People have basic needs and ambitions that must be met:


The need for a home, for security, for a future.

The need to be treated with respect, with dignity, with understanding.

And the need to be supported, to be encouraged, to be believed in.


This is why we believe in always putting people first.

This is why we work together to shape policies

that makes Ireland a fairer, kinder, better place.


This work is not easy:

It takes courage to speak up, and the humility to listen.

It takes a vision for where we are going, and action to get us there.

It challenges us to lead the change, and bring everyone with us.


This is our mission.

We are The Labour Party

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