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On the 29th of June we used our private members’ time in the Dáil to debate our Autism Bill.  This September approximately 270 children will be without a school place and many more have been forced to accept a school place that is inappropriate for their needs. Many more are waiting years for assessments and basic interventions. 

Ireland currently has no coherent framework to address the unmet needs of people with autism in our communities. Our Bill can change that, but only if the Government steps up to the plate. 

Unfortunately the Government has again adopted the tactic of not opposing the Bill while at the same time refusing to support it.

The Government stated they don’t believe we needed legislative underpinning for the Autism strategy. But we know that Government departments only react to law. The Departments operate in silos and unless an issue is part of their legal remit it won’t be properly addressed. 

But we won’t give up. If you want to keep in touch on this campaign please enter your details here.


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