This Government is failing on drug policy. Labour believes in a system in decriminalisation and taking a health led approach. It’s time to take problem drug use out of the courts and wrap supports around people who need help. Criminalising, shaming and stigmatising people in addiction leads to a system that undermines and dehumanises people who need our support, care and compassion. It’s time to change it.

What does #Decrim actually mean?

We believe problem drug use should be treated as a health issue.

Criminalisation of drug use simply hasn’t worked.

Decriminalising drug use would put the user at the heart of drug policy.

We believe that a community-based, health-led approach would target the adverse health, social and economic consequences of drug use.

Decriminalising would mean:

  • Community based harm reduction services
  • Addressing disease transmission and overdoses
  • Introducing supervised injection facilities
  • A commitment to a client centred and evidence based recovery programmes


Let’s protect vulnerable drug users. Let’s save people’s lives. Let’s #Decrim


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