James Connolly Commemoration 2022

Every year Labour members gather to pay tribute to one of our founders, James Connolly.

This year the Annual James Connolly Commemoration took place on 15 May 2022.  Each year the Labour Party, SIPTU and members of the Connolly family gather in Arbour Hill to pay tribute to James Connolly and to commit ourselves to the principles that inspired him.

110 years ago, in 1912 James Connolly proposed a motion that the Irish Congress of Trade Unions should establish a political wing. The motion, supported by William O’Brien and James Larkin, was passed and led to the formation of the Labour Party.  The founders of the Labour Party believed that for ordinary working people to shape society they needed a political party that was committed to serving their needs.

Connolly is the founder of our movement and the inspiration for our activism, now and into the future.

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