Maynooth Away Day - Cllr Angela Feeney

As Chair of Kildare North Constituency and local Labour councillor, I was delighted and honoured to welcome my Labour Party colleagues to my hometown of Maynooth for our Labour Think-In on September 14th and 15th.

Kildare North has always been a stronghold for the Labour Party; it provided the party’s longest serving party leader, Billy Norton, 28 years as the head of the Labour party.  The great Emmet Stagg who served as a TD for 29 consecutive years. My immediate predecessor on Kildare County Council John McGinley served for 26 years. So Labour has a long track record in Kildare North of which we can be very proud. 

It was also great to have the support of the Labour PLP and so many members present for my own selection convention, which took place on the evening of the Think-In gathering.  I am honoured to be re-selected to contest the 2024 Local Elections.  Looking forward to a great campaign ahead. 

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