Message from the Party Leader

Now that the Dáil and Seanad have returned, Labour TDs, Senators, Councillors and activists have been busy, campaigning for an Ireland that works – for all.
Ivana Bacik TD

Budget 2023 

On Tuesday, the Government published what I have called “a treadmill Budget”. This Government is running, just to stand still. The same is true for so many people across the country who are struggling to stay afloat and to meet the cost of housing, energy, food, and medicines as inflation soars and wages stagnate. Our comrade and my parliamentary colleague Ged Nash TD has delivered Labour’s response to the Budget. For my part, you can read my contribution here and you can watch it back at this link. 

In our Labour Budget, we put forward a radical emergency cost-of-living package, as well as proposals to move Ireland’s public services closer to the fair and equitable system we see in countries with socialist and social democratic governments. We will continue to campaign, promoting our alternative vision for an Ireland that works for all, and I encourage you to continue sharing our ideas with your friends, family and neighbours. 


Listening Tour 

As we continue to navigate the cost of living crisis and  housing crisis, thousands of families across the country are struggling. Our communities deserve a better Ireland. That is why, in coming weeks, I will be travelling around the country to hear directly from you about your local concerns and frustrations, and to listen to your ideas about how to improve your community. The first of these visits will take place on Monday, 3rd October, and I will also be travelling to Galway, Westmeath and Limerick in the weeks ahead. I thank those of you who have already contacted our General Secretary Billie Sparks with suggestions for further venues, and I encourage you to keep those suggestions coming. 


Labour Delegation at British Labour Party Conference 

On 24th-25th September, I joined Senator Rebecca Moynihan and General Secretary Billie Sparks as part of our delegation to the British Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. We made strong representations to MPs, members of the House of Lords, British trade unionists, and diplomats, setting out our positions on Brexit, on the international movement for workers’ rights, on the need for a secular and equal United Ireland, and on other matters too. We will continue to maintain a strong working relationship with the British Labour Party, and with the offices of Keir Starmer MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Peter Kyle MP, in particular. You can read more about our trip in Senator Rebecca Moynihan’s article below. 


Other Recent Activities: 

  • PLP Away Day:  


  • On 8th-9th September, Labour Party TDs, Senators, Councillors, Local Area Representatives and staff gathered in Wexford town for our annual Away-Day to discuss our priorities in advance of the upcoming term. Many thanks to Brendan Howlin TD, Cllr. George Lawlor and Mayor of Wexford Maura Bell for their warm Wexford welcome to us all! We heard from some wonderful guest speakers about how to campaign on our core issues, including housing, climate action, work, care, and the cost-of-living, and we also participated in a productive workshop where representatives outlined how best to relate our Labour values to the experiences of their constituents.


  • Local Labour organisations held fantastic events to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Tom Johnson’s birth and the 25-year anniversary of Jim Kemmy’s passing. Further details on these great events are in articles below.   


  • Last week, a strong Labour contingent visited the Ploughing Championships. Alongside Senator Mark Wall, Eoin Barry and others, Labour was well-represented and engaged with the farming community on issues such as economic development, supports for farmers and the just transition to a carbon neutral economy. 


  • Labour TDs and activists attended the March for Choice and Cost of Living demonstrations on Saturday, 24th September. 


  • Finally, I would like to wish our friend Aideen Blackwood well. She started working as Labour’s National Organiser last month, and I am looking forward to continued work with her in the lead up to the local and European elections, and indeed the next general election too! 


In Solidarity,

Ivana Bacik TD


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