Thank you for joining us for Tom Johnson 2023

Huge thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who helped make this year’s Tom Johnson Dublin 2023 a great success with special thanks to our Keynote speaker Esther Lynch, our brilliant panelists, Party Leader Ivana Bacik and Tadgh Quill-Manley Director of this years Tom Johnson as Labour Youth Policy and Education Officer.

This year’s Summer School situated in Wynn’s Hotel Dublin followed the theme of building a vision for the future of Democratic Society and an exploration of Tom Johnson’s Democratic Programme in the 21st century. The panels covered a dynamic range of challenges faced by society and topics such as the need for constitutional reform and the upcoming referendums surrounding “the women’s place in the home” and the definition of family to developing agriculture and protecting farmers through just transition through to examining practical solutions to the housing and care crises.

Our guest speakers hailed from Scottish Labour and the SDLP to former Lord Mayors and upcoming local election Labour candidates as well as speakers from every corner of Ireland ensuring we had a wide and diverse variety of input on every discussion. After the panels concluded we enjoyed a fantastic gala dinner together in Wynn’s Hotel and poignant thought-provoking speeches from Tadgh and Ivana calling Labour to action for the upcoming elections and referendums.

Looking forward to seeing you all at next year’s Tom Johnson Summer School and on the upcoming campaign trails! 

Lhamo Fitzsimons, Chair of Labour Youth 

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