Halligan’s ‘Independent Alliance’ a recipe for chaos

10 January 2016

Any involvement by the Independent Alliance in the next government would be quite simply a recipe for chaos.

This much at least became clear from John Halligan on RTE’s This Week today, in an interview that to be honest, didn’t offer much clarity on anything else!

Deputy Halligan admitted that because of the dramatically divergent political views that exist within the grouping, that on many of the most critical issues, they would simply not be able to take a position.

He seemed to be arguing for example, that their position on the future of Irish water was “quite clear”, which was that they don’t have a position.

There was as much confusion when it came to what would happen post-election if his grouping were in a position to participate in Government. While he did say they would sit down “as a collective” and have a chat about it, there was no clarity as to whether they would be seeking a cabinet position, no clarity as to who they would be putting forward for cabinet, and no clarity as to what precisely they would be offering to bring to the table.

In other words, the electorate don’t know what this Independent Alliance stands for. They don’t know what the group’s policy priorities are, and they don’t know who would be their standard bearer in the next Dail.

We have come through a very tough few years, and while considerable challenges remain, there is no doubt that thanks to the balance that Labour has brought to this Government, a real recovery- one that is benefitting more and more people – is now taking hold.

The uncertainty and the instability that are part of the baggage of the Independent Alliance, are the last things that Ireland needs right now.

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