Independent Alliance is a risky and chaotic union

12 January 2016

Labour TD Arthur Spring, warns that the Independent Alliance in government would result in a coalition of chaos for Ireland.

Deputy Spring said: “Ireland needs stability and balance with Labour in Government, not a gamble on an uncertain future.

“With the Independent Alliance, people are risking voting for the unknown as they have no whip, no costed policies and no coherent economic plan for Ireland’s future.

“Dramatically divergent views exist within their alliance, with ex Fianna Fáilers, ex Green Party, ex Worker’s Party candidates being led by Shane Ross who has flip-flopped from the right to the left and back again.

“How they could govern a country, never mind a loose political alliance is unclear. Shane Ross has admitted that he would love to be in Cabinet but that the Alliance hasn’t decided how it would select ministers.

“It’s laughable that their so called ‘new politics’ is attracting a number of ex-Fianna Fáilers.“By contrast, Labour in Government has left the county in far better shape than we found it in 2011. The recovery is now in full bloom, and Ireland is the fastest growing economy in the EU.

“Our public finances are in rude health and our public debt has been brought firmly under control. More than 1,000 new jobs are being created every week. New and exciting apprenticeships are being created for our young people and the Government is working hard to bring emigrants home.

“This month, all workers are taking home more pay because of USC reductions. Child Benefit is increasing by €5 to help every family. And the State pension is increasing by €3 a week to help older people.”

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